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I've been hearing lately that Bluetooth is making a comeback. Considering that it had hardly gotten started when it was written off in certain quarters, it's amusing to see a comeback prediction so soon. In any case, I can see that short-range wireless protocols, such as Bluetooth, will eventually be enormously useful in the device market. The other day I was watching someone on the Underground play a game on a Nintendo Game Boy Advance. To play a different game, he had to rummage through his pack to find the cartridge, then plug it in; by the time he'd accomplished this, he had arrived at his station. Contrast this with a Bluetooth - or similar - world, where all your devices can talk to each other (throwing away the idea of convergence for the moment), and it's a different story. Instead of a bunch of gaming cartridges rattling around in his pack, our gamer will... (more)

Java Games Development - Part 3

Part 1 of this series appeared in the August issue of Java Developer's Journal (Vol. 8, issue 8), and Part 2 appeared in the September issue (Vol. 8, issue 9). JDJ: Microsoft has received quite a lot of good press (or propaganda, however you'd like to look at it) for their .NET product, and there has even been discussion that it will be/is suitable for games development with good DirectX bindings. Since Java is only just out of the gate (in terms of commercial games development), do you see .NET providing serious competition in this burgeoning market, or are there some (perhaps hidden?) advantages to Java that might make the difference in this case? Jeff K: Don't confuse .NET the platform with CLR the VM, or C# the language. .NET will not be suitable for games. Its XML-based communications protocol is by definition slow and verbose, and that's before you get into the... (more)

Point/Counterpoint - September

Web Services Journal strives to bring the latest information regarding Web services to you in a variety of ways. In addition to our printed journal and digital edition, we have begun a series of Point/Counterpoint sessions with leading industry executives to determine their viewpoints and issues with various facets of Web services. Here is the second in an ongoing set of conversations regarding the industry. WSJ spoke with Mark Herring, Director, Sun Microsystems' Java, Web Services & Tools Business; and Dare Obasanjo, a member of Microsoft's WebData team. (The opinions stated here are those of the speakers, and do not necessarily represent the viewpoint of their respective companies. Dare Obasanjo's posting is provided "as is" with no warranties, and confers no rights.) 1. One industry commentator recently said, "Web services are like high school sex. Everyone is t... (more)

Getting the Input

Now that Graffiti has been replaced on Palm devices, users are exploring a wide range of textentry methods. What's the best solution for you? Back in January, Palm announced that it would be dropping its Graffiti handwriting recognition system from all new Palm OS handhelds. In an effort to resolve a long-running dispute with Xerox, the company switched to a new system called Graffiti 2, a version of the Jot application from Communication Intelligence Corporation (www.cic.com). Graffiti 2 won't require a huge adjustment for most Palm users, and it offers some additional functionality that makes the system easier for new users to adopt. But the change has drawn attention to the wide range of input methods available for PDA users, many of which offer far greater speed and functionality than Graffiti ever did. Each boasts its own passionately devoted user group, but eac... (more)

Monster Hunting Yacht Charter

The Highlands of Scotland might not be the most obvious place to take a yacht, but a combination of sea-canals and the largest body of water in the UK make it a surprisingly accessible destination for all but the largest yacht, with a history which still echoes today and some of the most spectacular landscapes in the world. Loch Ness contains more water than all the rivers and lakes in the UK put together: it’s over 700 feet deep and 23 miles long, and the local peat makes the water extremely murky and ideal for hiding prehistoric monsters.  The size of the Loch can make conditions remarkably sea-like, with waves generally around 3 feet but often larger.  The top of the Loch is in the North East of Scotland, just south of Inverness, and along its length it heads South West diagonally following a line known as The Great Glen, which bisects Scotland in a series o... (more)

Multi-Core and Massively Parallel Processors

As software developers we have enjoyed a long trend of consistent performance improvement from processor technology. In fact, for the last 20 years processor performance has consistently doubled about every two years or so. What would happen in a world where these performance improvements suddenly slowed dramatically or even stopped? Could we continue to build bigger and heavier, feature-rich software? Would it be time to pack up our compilers and go home? The truth is, single threaded performance improvement is likely to see a significant slowdown over the next one to three years. In some cases, single-thread performance may even drop. The long and sustained climb will slow dramatically. We call the cause behind this trend the CLIP level. C - Clock frequency increases have hit a thermal wall L - Latency of processor-to-memory requests continues as a key performance... (more)

MYCOM Launches Special Event Management Solution

First in series of solutions from new Managed Services and Solutions division CTIA, Las Vegas - 21st May 2013 - MYCOM, the leading independent provider of carrier-grade Service and Network Performance solutions, today at the CTIA show in Las Vegas, launched an end-to-end solution for managing Communication Service Providers' (CSPs') cellular networks at special events where extraordinary numbers of people and their behavior increase the demand for cellular services. During these special events - for example sporting events, conventions, trade shows, or emergency response scenarios - CSPs typically ensure that all deployed network capacity is utilized to its maximum, deploy mobile cell sites or COWs (Cells on Wheels) to provide additional cellular coverage and capacity, and deploy permanent enhancements at event venues such as distributed antenna systems (DAS) and sm... (more)

AppDynamics Brings Big Data Science to APM in Summer ’14 Release

Today I am pleased to announce the availability of the AppDynamics Summer ‘14 Release.  With this release, AppDynamics brings the first event store to capture and process big data streams in real-time to the APM industry.  Large and complex applications generate data at an extremely high velocity, requiring a monitoring platform to scale along with them. Many business critical applications and operational insights are hidden in the data generated by these applications. This unified platform delivers a central, massively scalable platform to manage all tiers of the application infrastructure. This release has major enhancements for each of the three layers of the Application Intelligence platform: Visualization layer Data capture & processing layer Data collection layer Clear, meaningful data visualization AppDynamics was the first to market with transaction-based top... (more)

Data Landscape at Facebook By @JnanDash | @CloudExpo [#BigData]

Data Landscape at Facebook What does the data landscape look like at Facebook with its 1.3 billion users across the globe? They classify small data referring to OLTP-like queries that process and retrieve a small amount of data, usually 1-1000 objects requested by their id. Indexes limit the amount of data accessed during a single query, regardless of the total volume. Big data refers to queries that process large amounts of data, usually for analysis: trouble-shooting, identifying trends, and making decisions. The total volume of data is massive for both small and big data, ranging from hundreds of terabytes to hundreds of petabytes on disk. The heart of Facebook’s core data is TAO (The Association of Objects) – distributed data store for the social graph. The workload on this is extremely demanding. Every time any one of over a billion active users visits Facebo... (more)

Application Intelligence From @AppDynamics | @DevOpsSummit [#DevOps]

AppDynamics, the application intelligence leader for software-defined businesses, announced the general availability of the AppDynamics Fall '14 Release. Serving the combined needs of IT and business teams across the enterprise, the latest release provides a comprehensive view across all aspects of digital performance in ultra large scale deployments. AppDynamics delivers Application Intelligence by building out advanced capabilities across the key areas of analytics, unified monitoring and DevOps. The Fall '14 Release of the AppDynamics Application Intelligence platform introduces: powerful new DevOps collaboration capabilities in the 'Virtual War Room'; AppDynamics Application Analytics, which capture operational and business events and metrics across entire application environments; support for additional integration platforms; a massively scalable data store; an... (more)

ASIFA-Hollywood Announces Winsor McCay Recipients

BURBANK, Calif., Nov. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- The International Animated Film Society, ASIFA-Hollywood has announced the Winsor McCay Award recipients for 2009: Tim Burton, Bruce Timm and Jeffrey Katzenberg (see bios below). Named in honor of animator Winsor McCay, best known as a prolific artist and pioneer in the art of comic strips and animation, the Winsor McCay Award stands as one of the highest honors given to an individual in the animation industry in recognition for career contributions to the art of animation. The 2009 Winsor McCay Award Recipients are: Tim Burton, though mainly known for his innovative live action features, has had a strong influence on the world of animation. Burton began his career as an animator (Tron, Fox And the Hound) at the Walt Disney Studios where made his first independent shorts, Vincent (in stop motion animation) and Frankenwe... (more)